How to Create a Facebook Page and Crowd it With Likes

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Building customizing optimizing automating and promoting a Facebook Fan Page for maximum exposure and engagement.

Build a Facebook Fan Page from scratch.
Define a niche segment that guarantees your Fan Page an audience.
Choose a profile and cover photo that reflects your Page’s identity.
Create custom tabs for your Page to reinforce content & reach your Page’s Goal.
Manage your Fan Page and know exactly WHAT and WHEN to post.
Automate posts using Facebook inbuilt calendar to maximize productivity.
Master Facebook Insights feature to study demographics and select a target audience.
Optimize the content of your page according to your audience.
Use Facebook Ads to maximize your Page’s reach and optimize it to fit your budget.
Get thousands of likes by creating a community and sharing content with your target audience (free techniques).
Keep increasing your Page’s likes throughout time.

Fan Pages are everywhere. Each one of us has at least 50 pages which display content on our newsfeed each time we check. So if you:

  • have a business
  • own a startup
  • share a specific interest with a group of people
  • have some sort of drive/passion
  • or simply want to build a community…

then most likely you already own a successful and engaging Fan Page don’t you?

Creating a Fan Page from scratch is not simple. That’s why there are community managers being hired by companies and paid a lot of money to do it. But the truth is it’s much easier than you think.

My name is James. I own a Fan Page called “We Love Pitbulls”.

I started out just like you from scratch. I only knew I loved Pitbulls and couldn’t have enough of browsing and storing pictures of them. Until one day I decided to create a page about it.

I’m willing to show you exactly how i built my “We Love Pitbulls” page (seach it on facebook and it should appear first)

This course covers everything you need to know from choosing your niche to analyzing demographics… from selecting a cover photo to automating posts on a daily schedule.

Everything you need to know to start or to maximize the exposure of your Page is here.

I suggest if you haven’t already to check my promo video. I uploaded about 5 minutes of extracts from my whole course for you to check out if this course fits your profile.

Everything on this course is based on Action. You’ll see me doing it. From the moment I clicked “Create my Page” to my strategies to get more Likes.

So if you Like the idea go ahead and take this course!

  • Any kind of Facebook account.
  • The drive to lead a community.
  • You should take this course if you’re interested in building a community…
  • if you want to take advantage of the boom of social media…
  • if you want to build a relationship with prospects or customers…
  • If you want to take your business to another level…
  • if you have a particular interest you’d like to share with the world…
  • If you want to manage your own Facebook page (and you don’t have one)…
  • or if you already have a Facebook page and you know it could do better.